Note: Since January, 2016, the GFCT has been formally organized as STEM Synergy and its subsidiary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:
• STEM Synergy fully adopts and sustains the GFCT vision,
• STEM Synergy brings additional experienced staff as it expands upon the GFCT mission and projects,
• STEM Synergy has already implemented new exciting STEM projects in friendly East Africa,
• STEM Synergy is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the USA, and is approved and registered in Ethiopia.
See the STEM Synergy web site ( for more info.


There are several ways that you can be involved in the work of GFCT.

Requests for Funding

Because each organization is unique, we tailor each program to meet the specific needs of the community. If your organization is interested in receiving grant monies, please email or mail a one-page grant proposal, and we will contact you if your organization is eligible. Please include:

  • Your organization’s contact information
  • Tax ID number
  • Your organization’s web site
  • Your mission statement
  • Proposal for use of the grant money toward a STEM initiative
  • How your organization qualifies under our funding criteria and guiding principles

Our Funding Criteria

  • We would like to emphasize that our collaborations are by invitation only. However, if you represent an organization with an innovative and unique STEM initiative, you may send in a proposal for a possible partnership.
  • Your request for funds must be aligned with our Guiding Principles in order to be considered.
  • Your organization must be a 501c(3) public charity, with ability to accept funds specifically directed for STEM initiatives.
  • Massachusetts schools generally fall under the Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair / CMI-GEMS program.
  • If your organization is not a Massachusetts school, or for projects not related to Science and Engineering Fairs, please contact us.
  • Follow-up funds are awarded based on evidence of success. This includes both formative and summative data collection and analysis (tests, surveys, interviews, focus groups, observations, statistics, etc). There is a possible increase in funding based on results and need.
    • Were goals met?
    • How many students were affected?
    • Afterwards, did students pursue their own research and experiments?
    • Is there a need to continue the program and why?
  • Please do not request funding for remedial education, nor for expenses that should be borne by school operations, including meeting educational requirements.
  • Furniture and miscellany generally must not exceed 10% of the total request.
  • Computer centers are not supported unless highly efficient, such as through thin-client virtualization.
  • Requests to purchase expensive commercial curriculum will not be considered. All too often, this type of solution is utilized for only a few years, thereafter gathering dust in a closet.
  • Each funded organization will be expected to submit and share a detailed, publishable annual report showing evidence of first-year success, including attained goals, statistics from student participants of STEM initiatives, accounting and justification for additional funds if needed, and measurable progress towards sustainability.
  • Each funded organization will be expected to submit and share 1-3 photographs of the event or program with corresponding media release forms.

Give a Gift

You can support the mission of GFCT by giving a gift to the prioritized programs listed below, or to most of the GFCT projects in other countries. Please contact our project director, Kimberly Kamborian, prior to making a donation so that your gift can be properly designated.

Volunteer your time

There are both short-term opportunities as well as long-term commitments if you have an interest in helping young people. Schools are always looking for volunteers and judges to serve at their science fair. If you would like to make a real difference, mentoring a student over several years can be an invaluable experience. Individuals and organizations interested in volunteering should choose a school from our list of collaborators and contact our project director, Kimberly Kamborian, who can put you in touch with the school.

Donate supplies

Schools and districts have been hit hard by budget cuts and teachers are struggling to pull together lessons with the limited supplies they own. If you would like to donate office supplies or scientific equipment and materials, please contact our program director. In addition, schools are looking for volunteers to pick up free supplies at various vendor locations, such as Atlantic Lab Equipment in Salem, Massachusetts

Donors Choose an online charity connecting donors with classrooms in need:

As of June 1, 2015, the GFCT granting process has ended.
Watch this space for the emergence of a new NGO that will absorb some of the GFCT’s vision