The Gelfand Family Charitable Trust promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) initiatives in educational organizations.

GFCT invests today in the innovators of tomorrow.

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GFCT Guiding Principles

  • Transform STEM education:
    • Excite students with hands-on laboratory learning experiences.
    • Apply STEM engineering to real-world situations and beyond the classroom.
    • Encourage innovation in all STEM disciplines.
  • Deepen STEM effectiveness:
    • Foster fundamental critical thinking skills and systems thinking.
    • Challenge organizations to develop meaningful comprehensive STEM visions.
    • Equip educators with knowledge and skills for inquiry-based teaching.
  • Advance hands-on STEM:
    • Provide “real” activities, electronics, engineering, and science lab equipment.
    • Reduce “virtual” activities, e.g, software, textbooks, or art media whimsy.
    • Support efficient computer labs that utilize “green” thin-client workstations.
  • Support STEM competitions:
    • Science Fairs explore student-formulated hypotheses.
    • Engineering competitions may be either free-form or standardized.
    • Contests can be at the school, district, state, and national levels.

The GFCT Team

Kimberly Kamborian has been encouraging and supporting schools in the use of inquiry-based and project-based science teaching in the classroom to improve STEM education in Massachusetts and beyond.

Eileen Ng serves as the Associate Director and is responsible for various aspects of GFCT, including creating applications for schools and districts, analyzing data from annual reports, and organizing community STEM events.

GFCT History

The Gelfand Family Charitable Trust was established in 2006.

The Gelfand Family traces much of its success to the application of STEM education, hobbies, careers, and experiences.

Consequently, the GFCT endeavors to enhance the lives of deserving, capable, and underserved students with real STEM enrichment, so that they too may achieve success. Active projects…


Note: Since January, 2016, the GFCT has been formally organized as STEM Synergy and its subsidiary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

  • STEM Synergy fully adopts and sustains the GFCT vision,
  • STEM Synergy brings additional experienced staff as it expands upon the GFCT mission and projects,
  • STEM Synergy has already implemented new exciting STEM projects in friendly East Africa,
  • STEM Synergy is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization in the USA, and is approved and registered in Ethiopia.

See the STEM Synergy web site ( for more info.